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VMS CEO Wengryn to Address Brand Monitoring Luncheon

December 7, 2023

Peter Wengryn, CEO of VMS, will be a featured speaker at an upcoming luncheon for marketing professionals in New York City, December 8 at Blue Fin.

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VMS VP Jeffrey, Integrated Media Expert, to Present Guest Lecture to Brigham Young University Communications Students.

December 7, 2023

Angela Jeffrey, APR, Vice President Editorial Research for VMS, an integrated media solutions company, has been invited to be a guest lecturer to the Communications Department at Brigham Young University, December 2nd.

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VMS Executive Giovia Speaking at CMO Club's Thought Leadership Summit

November 11, 2023

Michael Giovia, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing for VMS, a firm specializing in integrated media intelligence solutions, will join a group that will address the Thought Leadership Summit hosted by The CMO Club in San Francisco at the Marriott Union Square.

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VMS Hosts Panel on Social Media, Measurement & Integration

November 4, 2023

VMS (www.vmsinfo.com), an integrated media intelligence firm, in partnership with the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF, http://thearf.org), recently hosted a panel of experts in the social and traditional media space last week in New York City.

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More on AVEs: Their true -- and very valuable -- significance.

October 17, 2023

For serious public relations researchers, the whole AVE and advertising-money-value debate is a red herring, a colossal distraction from the real significance and potential that AVEs represent.

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VMS VP Jeffrey, Integrated Media Expert, Will Speak at Two IABC Conferences

October 14, 2023

Angela Jeffrey, APR, Vice President Editorial Research for VMS, a firm that offers integrated media intelligence solutions, has two separate presentations scheduled for IABC events later this month.

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VMS VP Angela Jeffrey Speaking at PR Day in Houston October 7

September 24, 2023

Angela Jeffrey, APR, vice president editorial research for VMS (www.VMSINFO.com), will be speaking at Houston PR Day on October 7th. Her presentation is titled "Why You Deserve a Bigger Piece of the Advertising Budget."

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VMS Taps Blinkx For Broader Scope In Monitoring

Online Media Daily
September 15, 2023

Video search engine blinkx has entered into a technology partnership with news and ad monitoring firm VMS. VMS clients will now have organized access to blinkx's index of an estimated 35 million hours of audio and video Web content.

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VMS to Leverage blinkx Video Index for Comprehensive News Monitoring and Reporting Services

September 15, 2023

blinkx, the world's largest and most advanced video search engine, today announced a technology partnership with VMS, provider of the industry's most comprehensive news monitoring and measurement, and ad intelligence business solutions.

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Marketing Lines Blur in the Fast Food Sector—And Beyond

Chief Marketer
August 4, 2023

Historically…Quick serve restaurants sold burgers, fries and soda. Fast food chicken chains offered 10 ways to order your chicken, and coffee houses sold only coffee and baked goods.

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Autonomy, VMS team up to deliver new media intelligence platform


15 July, 2009

Infrastructure software vendor Autonomy and integrated media intelligence system provider VMS have entered into a partnership under which VMS will develop and market news media analysis and competitive intelligence platform based on Autonomy's technology suite.

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VMS Execs Getto and Jeffrey's Speaking Engagements

June 16, 2023

Gary Getto, vice president of integrated media intelligence for VMS (www.vmsinfo.com), a leader in integrated media intelligence solutions, recently delivered a significant presentation at the PRSA Counselors Academy Spring Conference in Palm Springs, California. Meanwhile, Angela Jeffrey, APR, vice president of editorial research for VMS, will be a featured panelist at the upcoming Bulldog Reporter PR Measurement Summit June 29 at the Yale Club in New York City.

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VMS CIO Featured Speaker at Digital Asset Management Conference

June 8, 2023

Gerry Louw, CIO for VMS, the world leader in integrated media intelligence solutions delivered a closing address at the recent Digital Asset Management (DAM) Conference in New York City. The conference focused on the latest thinking and development in strategy, procurement implementation best practices and improving DAM operations.

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Just Married: Advertising and PR - Together Forever Thanks to Measurement

May 13, 2023

There is so much discussion about the perceived need to shift communication spending from traditional advertising to online advertising and social media. Many so-called experts would have us believe that Web 2.0 is the new silver bullet "the be-all and end-all of marketing.

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VMS VP Jeffrey Named a Panelist at PR Measurement Conference

April 27, 2023

Angela Jeffrey, APR, vice president editorial research for VMS (www.vmsinfo.com), will be a featured panelist at the upcoming PR News PR Measurement Conference, June 3rd in Washington, DC at the National Press Club.

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VMS Featured on PRWeek Website

April 6, 2023

Peter Wengryn, CEO of VMS, answers questions about the company's newest offering, Vantage, which measures the ROI of PR and advertising separately and in tandem.

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Products and tools: monitoring/measurement
November 17, 2023

With the explosion of media in print, online, and elsewhere, “scalability” is the key word in monitoring.

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Measurement During Tough Economic Times

November 1, 2008

The best and brightest minds in measurement (including yours!) predict the future of your job, your business, and your profession.

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After windstorm, small business look at ways to avoid interruption

October 3, 2023

Louisville, KY – Lesson learned from the windstorm of 2008: Buy a generator. That’s the plan for New York City-based VMS LP, a media monitoring service.

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The 'So-What' of PR Measurement
April 28, 2023

For impact analysis expert Angela Jeffrey the ‘So-What’ of PR Measurement – as in ‘so what does this really mean?’ – is key to correlating communication activity to business outcomes.

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VMS Selected "Company to Watch" in 2008 by PRWeek

January 9, 2024

VMS, the worldwide leader in integrated media intelligence solutions, was honored again this week by the editors of PRWeek Magazine -- the public relations industry leading publication -- with the selection of VMS as a "Company to Watch" in the PR industry.

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Standing Firm: Ketchum's Kotcher Chairs Council in Decennial, Details New Partnerships

December 6, 2023

Brian Pittman's spotlight this week: Ray Kotcher, CEO, Ketchum; Chair, Council of Public Relations Firms


"I've been in this business for more than 25 years and have never enjoyed it more. I don't think there's ever been a better time in PR," says Ray Kotcher, CEO of Ketchum and newly appointed chair of the Council of Public Relations Firms, which turns ten this coming year and whose mission is to advance the business of public relations firms by building the market and firms' value as strategic business partners.

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Expert Q & A

November 28, 2023

Gary Getto, VP, VMS

VMS has launched a new blog, An Integrated Perspective. Why?

VMS is unique in our industry in that we capture and analyze both news coverage and paid advertising. Most PRWeek readers do business at some level with VMS, whether for broadcast, print, or Internet news content, or PRtrak analytics or our InSight news analysis platform. However, we also have the largest and most complete database of advertising creative with over six million ads, along with spending and occurrence metrics. Just as our PR-oriented clients depend on us to let them know when they are in the news and how that news is impacting their business, our advertising clients depend on us to provide quick and easy access to advertising creative, competitive ads, spending levels, and how those ads are changing and impacting their business.

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Vertica Teams With HP and Red Hat to Deliver Breakthrough Specialized Analytics Solution

November 6, 2023

Vertica Systems has teamed with HP and Red Hat to deliver a breakthrough software/hardware bundle for managing analytic data marts -- faster and more economically than has been done with earlier generation appliances based on proprietary hardware. The solution opens new analytical possibilities for companies of any size that have large, fast-growing data stores of critical business information such as call detail records (CDRs), stock quotes, customer service history, clickstream logs, radio frequency identification (RFID) and more.

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VMS Blogs to Get PR and Advertising on the Same Page

O'Dwyers, November 1, 2023

The idea of integrated marketing is nothing new. But in reality, campaigns touted under that moniker often have a PR firm working one angle while an ad agency takes a different message to the consumer altogether. Enlisting a PR and ad agency to work for the same client on the same campaign doesn't necessarily create an integrated marketing strategy.

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New Blog Launch Focuses on Business Processes in All Communications Fields

November 1, 2023

A new blog focusing on the evolution in integrated marketing communications has been launched. The blog—An Integrated Perspective (www.integratedperspective.com)—is among the first to provide an open forum for discussion of the impact of paid and earned media, integrated across all offline and online media channels, on business outcomes.

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VMS increases radio monitoring coverage

November 1, 2023

VMS has launched a proprietary digital monitoring network that uses speech-to-text technology to capture over 10,000 hours of FM and radio programming per week in key markets nationwide, supplementing the live radio monitoring coverage that’s been available. 

VMS Launches Blog

October 30, 2023

VMS has launched a new blog focusing on the evolution of integrated marketing called An Integrated Perspective. The site will discuss effectiveness and accountability with an emphasis on the latest measurement and analysis tools and techniques. Gary Getto, leader of VMS Integrated Media Intelligence, will be the blog’s primary author.

A Dangerous Game: Inflating Media Coverage Results Only Disproves Effectiveness of PR

September 1, 2023

By Angela Jeffrey, APR, Vice President Editorial Research, VMS

I am continually amazed at how many PR practitioners still seek the highest possible audience impressions and media value scores as a way to validate the success of their media campaigns. It doesn't seem to matter whether or not the data is valid, the clips have been measured correctly or multipliers have been used, as long as the numbers are BIG.

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VMS Announces Increased Radio Monitoring Coverage

August 14, 2023

VMS has deployed a new, proprietary digital monitoring network—incorporating advanced speech-to-text technology—to capture over 10,000 hours per week of FM and AM radio programming from key markets across the country. This will supplement the live radio monitoring coverage VMS currently delivers to its clients. The service will be delivered as part of the company's standard product offerings and is available immediately.

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PR's Next Big Wave: Integrated Media Intelligence—Catch It or Fall

June 14, 2023

The speeches at major advertising conferences are sounding very much like those at major PR events these days. Advertisers are talking about "engagement" and building relationships with stakeholders—the same mantra that PR professionals have been delivering for years.

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VMS launches real time media monitoring service

June 11, 2023

NEW YORK: In response to client demand, VMS launched a monitoring product that lets users track and search streaming broadcast video in real time from all designated market areas.

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VMS Launches Industry-Advancing Product at Media Relations 2007 in Washington, DC.

June 11, 2023

A leading PR service provider announced an important service launch during the opening-day activities at Bulldog Reporter’s Media Relations Conference 2007 in Washington, DC. Broadcast monitoring and media intelligence company VMS unveiled its latest industry-advancing services to the gathering of over 600 PR and affiliate-industry professionals.

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American Executive Magazine Corporate Spotlight

March 5, 2023


Earlier this year, Peter Wengryn was interviewed by the editor of a high-profile business magazine, American Executive. The resulting article focuses on the strategic value of VMS' most important asset, its employees. It also highlights their key products and services, and some of their most important partnerships.

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Breaking News: VMS Launches Blog Monitoring—Company Announces Strategic Content Agreement with Nielsen BuzzMetrics

December 1, 2023

Blogs have become so influential to the practice of media relations that not monitoring their coverage could be detrimental to your company's image and reputation. Now, integrated media intelligence solutions provider VMS has rolled out a service that allows you to monitor and analyze activity on the blogosphere. The company has announced a new agreement with consumer-generated media specialists Nielsen BuzzMetrics, in which the broadcast monitoring company gains access to NBM's extensive blog database covering millions of blogs. This real-time consumer-generated media will be available to VMS clients through the company's integrated suite of products and services.

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A measured response

PRWeek, November 13, 2023 by Erica Iacono

Measurement remains daunting for some, but many organizations have reached the point where they won't do anything without being able to quantify it.

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It’s Time for PR to Take the Lead in Integrated Communications

Monday, October 9, 2023

Have you heard this joke: An advertising exec, a PR director and a marketing officer walk into a bar, and…

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PR News Announces Finalists In PR People Awards; Names 4 to Hall of Fame

Friday, September 15, 2023

Angela Jeffrey, VMS, has been named a finalist in the program in the Measurement/Research Expert of the Year category.

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Institute for PR Announces Jack Felton Golden Ruler Award Winner; Porter Novelli, Watson Pharma to be Honored at Summit on Measurement

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

The Institute for Public Relations, in conjunction with the Commission on Public Relations Measurement & Evaluation, today announced that Porter Novelli and Watson Pharma, Inc. have won the 2006 Jack Felton Golden Ruler Award for excellence in public relations measurement and evaluation. The winning study is entitled "PRoof: Porter Novelli Key Message Assessment & Optimization."

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Audience inflation undermines PR

PRWeek, May 22, 2023

A survey conducted by a PR industry trade title found 35% of PR pros "felt their usage reports were padded." Our separate study of industry audience-reporting practices yielded reports of audience totals 20 to more than 100 times higher than what Nielsen Media Research actually reported, audience numbers in the millions given to newsfeed placement that may have only been seen by technicians in TV station control rooms, and claims of additional placement resulting from media outreach that were actually paid-for guaranteed placement.

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PR impact measuring up

PRWeek, April 10, 2023

Kudos for your recent feature story, "How P&G; Measures up." The piece clearly demonstrates the impact PR can have on business outcomes. PR has been missing from the sophisticated marketing-mix models utilized by major firms for too long. We applaud Procter & Gamble's initiative.

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Should PR pros use services like Google Video and Yahoo Video in place of full-service media monitoring companies?

PRWeek, February 6, 2023

Should PR pros use services like Google Video and Yahoo Video in place of full-service media monitoring companies?

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Post-Game Good News for PR: Proof That Media Outreach Helps Brands Super-Size Super Bowl Ad Dollars

Monday, February 6, 2023

The winners of Super Bowl XXXIX were the marketers who knew how to leverage their advertising investment. Advertisers like Ford, Pepsi, and Budweiser generated incremental consumer reach with news coverage that equaled or exceeded the value of their Super Bowl ad cost.

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When research made a difference

PRWeek, February 2, 2023 by Craig McGuire

Research is an integral part of any communications program, and smart agencies have built proprietary tools to help inform and shape PR programs at every stage. Once dismissed as mere "pitch toys," the proprietary research programs that agencies have developed are robust tools that can forge true partnerships. Three agency-client alliances talked with PRWeek about their programs.

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PR, advertising must be in sync to shape reputation

PRWeek, January 6, 2024 by Peter Wengryn

Not long ago, I watched a television commercial for a major insurance company with considerable interest. It was well produced - part of a campaign with multiple executions that have been running for some time.

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Clips Not Gyps: Because Free Online "Search" Just Isn't Enough

Friday, December 2, 2023

Several months ago, both Google and Yahoo announced with much fanfare that they would be providing users with the option of searching through news and entertainment content from a limited number of broadcasters and entertainment companies, based solely on keywords. Industry analysts speculated that this seemingly strategic move by these two wildly successful Internet behemoths was the beginning of the end for traditional media monitoring companies.

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Revolutionizing the Clip Book

PRWeek, November 14, 2023 by Erica Iacono

Demonstrating the value of a PR campaign, program, or department is notoriously tricky, not least because it means many things to many people. But because one of the key functions of PR is to garner media coverage, for many years, the clip book seemed to be a handy answer.

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Issues Management on the Desktop

PRWeek, October 10, 2023 by David Ward

The call for metrics that effectively measure PR efforts has probably been around since the first clip book. But there seems to be an added urgency to that need today, especially as PR carves out an ever-growing role in the marketing mix.

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VMS Aquires PRtrak

PRWeek, November 14, 2023 by Erica Lacono

PRtrak was formerly owned by Surveillance Data Incorporated (SDI), which acquired the company in 2002. PRtrak VP Angela Jeffrey will become a VP at VMS in charge of measurement activities.

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VMS Aquires PRtrak

O'Dwyers, September 16, 2023

VMS has acquired Pennsylvania-based PR measurement and evaluation company PRTrak. In addition to its tracking metrics and software, the move gives the media monitoring giant a regular voice on the PR measurement circuit with the addition of PRTrak founder/VP Angela Jeffrey as a VP.

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'Digital Age' that hit PR, now proves its worth


O'Dwyers, June 2005, by Greg Hazley



The “Digital Age” and technology frenzy that jump-started a marketing tsunami and pushed PR toward stratospheric billings, salaries and exposure a few years back ended with a crippling crash. But, ironically, the sluggish years that followed the dot-com boom and bust became a period of significant research and innovation in the PR services sector.


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Proof of Performance Metrics Give Big Boost to PR Value

PR News, May 25, 2005; By Angela Jeffrey, APR

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VMS Debuts Broadcast Interaction Product

PRWeek, May 18, 2023 by Erica Iacono

VMS has launched BroadcastCenter, a web-based product that allows users to view, share, purchase, and analyze relevant broadcast clips. Peter Wengryn, CEO of VMS, said the product has been in development for several months and has already been beta tested by several clients.

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And Yet Another Measurement Tool

PR News, Feb. 16, 2005

PRtrak’s launch of the Media Prominence Index.

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Measuring to Show the Positive Value of Public Relations

PRSA Tactics, October, 2003 by Angela Jeffrey, APR, and Gary Getto

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Measuring Media Relations Outputs for Internet Publications

PR News, July 21, 2023 bye Editor Matthew Schwartz and PRtrak’s Angie Jeffrey, AP

They provide specific steps on how to calculate Internet publication Daily Average Visits and Media Values.

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