VMS Taps Blinkx For Broader Scope In Monitoring

Bulldog Reporter

September 15, 2023

By Gavin O'Malley

Video search engine blinkx has entered into a technology partnership with news and ad monitoring firm VMS. VMS clients will now have organized access to blinkx's index of an estimated 35 million hours of audio and video Web content.

VMS provides public relations firms, ad agencies, and marketers with integrated news and ad monitoring across all media, including television, radio, Internet, print, blogs, international, outdoor and cinema.


The blinkx partnership is designed to bolster VMS's media intelligence software by helping its clients "access a more holistic understanding of their business environment," according to Peter Wengryn, CEO of VMS.


Since its launch in 2004, blinkx's reason for being has been to develop an efficient, scalable way to search the millions of hours of video now flooding the Web.


Seeing continued growth, the company reported 113% year-over-year revenue growth -- or $13.93 million -- in May. But while narrower than ever, marketing and R&D costs still led to a full-year loss of $8.87 million.


Employing technology that "listens" to the speech track of a given video, blinkx videos are now accompanied by speech tags to complement text meta-data tags. As such, users can now find videos by specific spoken words, and then jump to the exact point in the videos when those words are uttered.


Blinkx's facial recognition technology identifies and catalogs recognizable faces within videos, and presents users with thumbnails of the different faces that appear in a given video.


In addition, blinkx's technology detects scene changes, and matches videos that share similar visual components. For example, news videos on the presidential inauguration might come from different television networks, but if they share similar scenes from the event, then blinkx presents the videos as a set of related results.


Blinkx attempted to snatch up vertically focused PPC engine Miva last summer for a reported $41 million. Miva turned down what it considered the low-ball offer.


According to blinkx, the deal would have been mutually beneficial, as it would have acquired a broader distribution network for its AdHoc video ad platform, while Miva would have gained platform improvements, higher CPMs, and new functionality for its toolbar product.


VMS is the world leader in integrated media intelligence solutions that bring together news monitoring and advertising monitoring across all media – broadcast, radio, print, Internet and outdoor.


VMS provides public relations firms, advertising agencies and marketers worldwide with the most comprehensive, cutting-edge editorial and ad retrieval, management and analysis solutions, including a broad spectrum of industry-leading advertising and public relations measurement and tracking tools.


VMS monitors thousands of hours of television broadcast news in all 210 U.S DMAs™ – by far the most of any provider – through a unique nationwide digital network, enabling us to help manage brand reputation with unparalleled speed, breadth and depth.   VMS also monitors approximately 10,000 hours a week of radio broadcasts nationwide again the industry's broadest coverage.


VMS provides access to the largest continually updated advertising database in the world with over five million ads and commercials through the market leading AdSite 4 platform.  The competitive advertising intelligence VMS provides includes U.S. and international creative content as well as domestic spending and occurrence data from Nielsen for the top 100 U.S. television markets.


VMS operates 15 full-service offices and 3 monitoring centers throughout the U.S. For more information about VMS call (800) vms-2002 or visit www.vmsinfo.com.