VMS  News Monitoring and Analysis
The essential media intelligence you need to win.
VMS's media monitoring services and Web-based media management solutions bring you an extraordinary breadth and depth of news coverage in virtually every market and across all media, including television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet. And we deliver that best-of-breed content with extraordinarily focused, actionable analysis that lets you reduce risks, reveal opportunities and create advantage.
The market’s only software platform that delivers broadcast coverage from all 210 DMAs – by far the industry’s widest near-real-time coverage – within a few minutes of airing.
The industry's most convenient and effective Web-based broadcast media monitoring and management solution.
The industry's premier, customizable media intelligence center for monitoring, categorizing, reporting, analyzing, and distributing vital media content.
The industry's most comprehensive and most actionable publicity and PR measurement solutions.
Online, near-real-time viewing solution for broadcast news and commercial segments as they aired, from all 210 US markets.
Monitoring Reports
Comprehensive broadcast news monitoring reports for national, local and cable news, as well as radio newscasts.
Monitoring Methodology
The only media monitoring services that combine expert editorial analysis and human monitoring with the industry's most advanced digital capture network .
News Segment Retrieval
New or archived broadcast news segments across all media, delivered in any format.
Digital Delivery
Downloadable broadcast media content from all 210 U.S. markets in your choice of format.
Crisis/Urgent Alert
Dedicated news monitoring service that alerts you of relevant media content, 24/7/365.
Detailed, top-of-the-line, shot-by-shot storyboards with accompanying text of broadcast news segments.
Accurate, verbatim transcripts created personally by VMS media specialists.
Media Values and Audience Estimates
Metrics-based analysis to easily demonstrate the value of your corporate communications.