VMS BroadcastCenter™ Comprehensive Broadcast Monitoring
The industry's fastest, most convenient, most effective Web-based broadcast media monitoring and management solution
VMS BroadcastCenter is an easy-to-use, all-inclusive online broadcast monitoring and intelligence center that enables you to monitor, preview, purchase, compile and distribute broadcast media coverage more efficiently, effectively and productively than ever before.

VMS BroadcastCenter's comprehensive Web-based platform provides 24/7, organization-wide access to continuously updated broadcast video clips across all major markets, intuitive analysis and reporting options, and a video showroom that lets you organize and demonstrate campaign effectiveness to clients and/or across your company - anywhere, any time.

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Monitor, view and manage broadcast media intelligence with unparalleled ease and efficiency
View broadcast video clips from all 210 U.S. markets in near-real-time, just minutes after they air.
Purchase relevant segments and get same-day delivery of transcripts, tapes and digital video with the click of a button.
Get new, up-to-the-minute content notifications via email and within the VMS BroadcastCenter platform, with accompanying accurate synopses prepared by VMS’ editorial staff, as well as quick links to purchase transcripts, tapes and high-quality digital video, with same-day delivery in many markets.
Demonstrate the impact of your broadcast coverage
Use customizable analytics and reporting tools to track and analyze key performance indicators, including tone, impressions and frequency.
Create custom email lists to notify key personnel of important news and distribute information enterprise-wide.
Post and present video clips, charts, reports and more to a secure “showroom” hosting site for team members or clients to see the performance of your PR activities.
Monitor usage of the solution and demonstrate a clear return on investment to your company and clients alike with in-depth reporting options.
  Web-based platform provides a single source for 24/7 access to broadcast video coverage   Provides a single source for easy access to all your broadcast media intelligence - content and analysis - all-in-one
  View entire news segments from all 210 U.S. markets within minutes of broadcast with VMS' QuickView product   Ensures that you purchase only the most relevant content and that you get the vital media intelligence you need in near-real-time
  Get broadcast content from all 210 U.S. markets (same day in most markets)   The ability to share broadcast monitoring information quickly, easily and digitally with your organization and clients
  Purchases can be initiated with the click of a button for tapes, transcripts and high-quality digital video - with the ability to track orders online and same-day delivery in most markets   Single, unified source for evaluating the success and ROI of public relations and marketing activities
  Intuitive organizational tools, as well as customizable analysis and reporting options   Gauge overall campaign performance via up-to-the minute, focused media analysis and quantitative indicators
  Internal tracking system enables you to monitor usage to demonstrate performance and ROI  
  Broadcast center function enables presentation of content and analysis to clients and team members - anywhere, any time  
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