Broadcast Transcripts
The most accurate, top-quality transcripts.
VMS provides verbatim transcripts of any broadcast material you specify. What's more, we guarantee that our transcripts are the most accurate in the industry because each transcript is prepared personally by a VMS editorial specialist - giving you the greatest possible accuracy and the most actionable intelligence.
Accurate and Efficient
Count on high-quality transcripts that note exactly what was said, with speaker identification and visuals noted.
All of our transcripts are created by our editorial staff for greater accuracy - as opposed to mechanical, closed caption transcripts, which often remove garbled text and misspelled words. Importantly, our transcribers can also note visual references, which mechanical transcripts cannot.
VMS transcripts require no clean-up by the user, and are in a professional format ready to be passed on to others within your organization.
VMS also provides native language transcripts - Spanish to Spanish, English to Spanish and Spanish to English.
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