The fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to get the broadcast intelligence you need.... now with coverage in all 210 US broadcast markets.
QuickView, the largest-deployed digital broadcast news monitoring system in the industry, lets you view news segments from all 210 US broadcast markets in near-real-time, right from your Web browser. It's the fastest, easiest way yet to get the up-to-the-minute broadcast intelligence you need.

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Simple, Fast and Efficient Broadcast Media Monitoring
Quickly access high-quality, as-aired broadcast media segments from all 210 U.S. broadcast markets right through your Web browser, 24/7.
Find content with ease - all content is summarized and optimized by VMS' editing process. Each media clip is summarized by our dedicated editing staff with exacting detail to ensure that you find the clips you need quickly and easily.
Purchase hardcopy clips with just the click of a button. Or distribute your broadcast coverage online for even greater speed and cost-efficiency.
  The industry's largest available near-real-time digital broadcast news platform   See your broadcast media coverage without delay, allowing for faster analysis and actionable intelligence
  Digital delivery of any news segment from any of the 210 US broadcast markets within 2 hours of initial airtime - a capability unparalleled by other news retrieval service   Precise and accurate media monitoring - the ability to find what you need, when you need it
  Exceptionally reliable coverage - a 98% capture rate, with the lowest downtime rate in the industry   Simple, convenient, one-click viewing of broadcast media content
  Coverage synopsized for fast access to just the hits you need   The ability to share broadcast media quickly, easily and digitally with your organization and clients
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