Broadcast Monitoring Reports
The industry's most comprehensive broadcast news monitoring and reporting.
VMS has, bar none, the most comprehensive broadcast media monitoring and reporting capabilities in the industry - with coverage of all 210 U.S. broadcast markets, plus national, local and cable news and radio newscasts. Our expert editorial staff will monitor and provide detailed reports based on your custom criteria, delivering you the most relevant, actionable intelligence available.

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Accurate, Actionable Reporting
VMS news monitoring reports provide you with a non-verbatim summary of a broadcast news segment. We can also create custom reports, reviewed by VMS editors, which meet your exact specifications.
Broadcast monitoring reports will denote specific interviews, highlight the visuals shown, provide details regarding segment length, and a brief synopsis (paragraph) of the focus of the segment.
VMS monitoring reports are developed by our editorial staff that reviews each specific program segment - inputting key data to insure that only the most accurate information is being logged.
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