VMS News Monitoring

The essential media intelligence you need to win.

In today’s 24/7, multichannel world, faster access to more relevant media intelligence is a bottom-line necessity. Because nothing can make or break your business like its perception in the press.

Unparalleled coverage and more precise, more relevant results

VMS brings you an extraordinary breadth and depth of news coverage in virtually every market and across all media including television and radio -- and with our partner BurrellesLuce -- newspapers, magazines, and the Internet. And we can deliver that content with extraordinarily focused, actionable analysis which lets you reduce risks, reveal opportunities and create advantage.

Get comprehensive, up-to-the-minute coverage and news analysis that’s second to none. Unlike competitors, our full-time editorial staff personally views and reads all news items, summarizes them, rates their tone and prioritizes them according to importance, as well as monitors relevant media activity that affects your business – environmental, economic, legal, political, scientific and competitive.

We provide you with the customized support and services you need to monitor, manage and take advantage of all your media coverage.

> InSight - Create your own customized media intelligence center for monitoring, categorization, reporting, analysis, and distribution of vital media content.
> QuickView - View nationwide news segments as they aired, online, and the top 50 markets, in real-time.
> Monitoring Reports - Get the most comprehensive news monitoring, including national, local and cable news plus radio newscasts.
> News Segment Retrieval - Get specific news segments across all media, delivered in any format.
> Digital Delivery - Download broadcast media content online in your choice of format.
> Crisis/Urgent Alert - Employ a dedicated team of media specialists to alert you of relevant media content, 24/7/365.
> Newsboards - Utilize detailed, top-of-the-line, shot-by-shot storyboards with text of broadcast news segments.
> Transcripts - Rely on accurate transcripts created personally by a VMS media specialist.
> Media Values and Audience Estimates - Depend on metrics-based media mindshare analysis.