Demonstrate or analyze your broadcast media coverage efficiently and effectively.

Produced as top-of-the-line storyboards that present select frames of video with accompanying text, newsboards can display how a client’s product, brand or message was displayed on network or cable entertainment programs or newscasts – independent of video equipment. Newsboards have multiple uses:

• Marketing departments can use them to help drive product sales.

• Sales organizations can insert them into sales kit for customers

• Public relations professionals can include them in press packages

• Marketers can alert retailers to new product releases

• Brand, marketing, and public affairs managers can use them for internal reports to senior management

Because VMS monitors all major network and cable in major markets, you can be alerted whenever there is a broadcast that affects your business, and be provided with a newsboard showing how your brand/product/message is reaching the public. VMS also provides Newsgrabs – single images of news reports you want archived. Newsgrabs can be sent to you in printed form, or digitally via e-mail. Newsboards and Newsgrabs are also provided in Spanish.