The fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way yet to get the broadcast intelligence you need.

QuickView is the largest-deployed digital broadcast news gathering system in the industry, and allows you to view news segments, exactly as-aired, in the top 50 markets in near-real time – right from your Web browser. It’s the fastest, easiest way yet to get the broadcast intelligence you need.

What makes QuickView so powerful and such an effective tool is the everyday editorial staff research that goes into it. Broadcast activity in every one of the country’s largest markets is monitored by hundreds of news monitors and editors who view every frame of news broadcasts we cover.

They produce cogent summaries, clear visual descriptions, and quality assured broadcast data designed to yield precisely the results you need when you search for broadcast material.

There’s nothing else like it – anywhere.

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• Largest available near-real time digital broadcast news platform in the country

• Digital delivery of any news segment in top 50 markets within 2 hours; a capability unparalleled by other news retrieval service

• Exceptionally reliable coverage – a 98% capture rate, with the lowest downtime rate in the industry

• Coverage synopsized for fast access to just the hits you need


• You can see your broadcast media coverage without delay, allowing for faster analysis and actionable intelligence

• Precise and accurate media monitoring – find what you need, when you need it

• Simple, convenient download and viewing of broadcast media

• The ability to share broadcast media quickly, easily and digitally with your organization and clients