Digital Delivery

Totally digital, online broadcast viewing solutions.

VMS delivers the broadcast segments you need as digital media files for playback on your computer – in RealVideo, Windows Media and QuickTime formats. You can play those segments online, download them for viewing, archive them, and share them with others.

Save time, space and effort.

Get your broadcast media efficiently and cost-effectively. With VMS’ digital delivery capabilities, what could have taken up to two days to receive on videotape can now be accessed on your desktop in as little as two hours.

VMS Digital Delivery also lets you share critical news information with multiple parties anywhere in the world within minutes. VMS Digital Delivery offers greater flexibility for storing, organizing, archiving and retrieving your news content – and frees up a whole lot of shelf space


• Digital media files in your choice of format delivered right to your computer

• Streaming media can be viewed right through your browser

• Downloadable clips for storage or distribution among within your organization or to clients


• Less time and effort needed to receive clips, so you can save money and make informed decisions based on actionable intelligence faster

• Increased flexibility in terms of media storage and distribution