The world’s most intelligent media analysis and management tool.

InSight is a powerful, Web-based media tracking, reporting and management platform brought to you by VMS and BurrellesLuce – the world's leaders in media monitoring. It lets you search, compile and analyze coverage – across all media types – right from your desktop. Easily and intuitively. With all of the most recent and historical data, reports, and actual news coverage on the people, brands, companies, industries, customers, competitors and products essential to your business.

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InSight lets you search for news items by region, date, content and more – and report on your own and competitive coverage in a wide variety of ways. It also lets you manage all of your media coverage digitally, and brings together all of the information you need to compile, measure and demonstrate the effectiveness of your PR efforts — and assess the potential impact of your news coverage

Discover opportunities. Spot trends. Manage and optimize public perceptions.

InSight’s versatile analytical tools produce both the critical media indicators – article count, impressions, tone, and more – and actual stories you need to make the most informed corporate communications and business decisions. InSight helps you spot trends, track competitors, and get a complete picture of public perceptions so you can manage and optimize them more effectively.

InSight combines advanced digital monitoring and reporting systems with expert analysis by our editorial staff – to bring you the most important, most pertinent information. It’s the only Web-based platform that offers this kind of thoroughness – with a truly Integrated Media Intelligence solution that offers real-time coverage of your company, brand, personnel – or your competitors’ – across all media: Broadcast. Print. newspaper. Radio. Internet. And Web newsgroups – on a national, regional, and local basis.

What’s more, InSight is a true enterprise-wide solution which allows all of an organization’s public relations or communication professionals to have access to media coverage and ensure the consistency of company messages through the press on local, regional and national levels with a click of a button.

Search. Filter. Track. Chart. Compile. Report.

InSight lets you search, filter, track, chart, and compile news items by date, content type, author and specific topic. It lets you create customized reports on your coverage with instant access to the most relevant data, and gives you the ability to immediately view video clips within context, actual print clips in a PDF format, and Web content. InSight also provides capabilities for easily compiling and updating clip books and digital archiving. Its analytical tools also let you summarize article counts, positive/negative ratings, regional weightings of coverage and more – graphically or in hyperlinked lists.

InSight was built with results-driven, market-focused communications professionals in mind. It’s a proven platform in use by thousands of clients – with real-time reporting and analysis capabilities unmatched in the marketplace.


• Modular, Web-based platform provides for the storage and management of media content including press releases and media contacts

• Single source for consolidated global news content with 24/7 access worldwide

• Wide variety of analytical and reporting tools – from top-line to in-depth analytics

• Delivery of up-to-the-minute breaking news, presented in an easy-to-use, easy-to-digest format that may be customized to each user’s needs

• Powerful media contact management capabilities through the MediaConnect integrated module

• Open architecture of InSight allows for incorporation of content feeds from third party content providers

• Large editorial staff provides summaries, prioritization and quantitative analysis in addition to digital analytical processes

• Easy access to comprehensive source of competitive advertising through AdSite module

• Digital video clips using VMS’ exclusive QuickViewTM system

• Archive capabilities and enhanced clip book generation features, plus historical database for comparison and future planning purposes

• Full transcripts, with video and audio segments on demand

• Ability to push data to PDAs, cell phones, Blackberries


• Broad public relations management capabilities in addition to extensive content management features

• Highly focused, actionable media intelligence that can transform and ensure the success of your business by reducing risk, revealing opportunities, and creating advantage

• Gauge of overall business well-being via up-to-the minute, focused media analysis and quantitative indicators

• Single, unified source for evaluating the success and ROI of public relations and marketing activities

• More accurate, timely reporting

• Productivity enhancement through powerful search, data filtering, reporting, archiving and digital delivery capabilities

• A totally secure, confidential system customized to each user