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For help using VMS QuickViewSM, please try one of the following resources.

VMS QuickView Frequently-Asked Questions

As a first step, read our list of frequently-asked questions about the VMS QuickView service.

Email support

If the list of frequently-asked questions doesn't answer your question, please contact our email support desk at QuickViewHelp@vmsinfo.com. When contacting the support desk about a technical issue, please be sure to include any information about your system that may help them identify the cause of the problem. Remember to include:

Your computer's operating system
(i.e. Windows 98, 2000, NT, etc)

The name and version of the browser you are using
(i.e. Explorer 5.0, Netscape 7, etc)

The version of Windows Media Player you are using
(i.e. version 7.1, version 9.0, etc)

Any error messages that appear on your screen

The URL of the report that you are trying to access

Any other details about your system that might be relevant

If you don't know what software is installed on your computer, visit our System Test page.

Your message will be answered as soon as possible.

Phone support

For urgent questions, please contact our telephone support line on:


When calling concerning a technical issue, please be ready to provide all the technical information requested above.