Ad Activity Reports and Expenditure Reporting

Get essential intelligence on occurrence, expenditures and share of voice.

Know when, where and to what extent your competitors are advertising and determine the share of voice of your own communications – with VMS’ ad activity and expenditure reports.

Uncover opportunities and address deficits with unparalleled coverage.

Monitor and obtain occurrence and spending data with unmatched specificity. VMS allows can track competitive ad activity vis a vis your own not only in major markets, but also in regional and local markets.

Get quantifiable, demonstrable analysis. VMS delivers powerful, metrics-based solutions that enable you to calculate share of voice – even at the local level.

Occurrence and Spending Reports – Get invaluable analysis of your competitors’ advertising activity and determine share of voice in virtually every market.

PrintPlus - Drill down and get the vital spending and occurrence data you need with the industry’s most comprehensive print monitoring and analysis service.

Product Placement – Calculate the quantitative value of your product placements.

Proof of Performance – Ensure your advertising investment with confirmation that your ad ran or aired when it should have.