Get valuable print occurrence and expenditure reports with the unparalleled speed and specificity only VMS provides.

Take advantage of the industry’s most unique and powerful print monitoring and analysis tool. VMS’ PrintPlus service delivers continuous print advertising monitoring, instant notification of new content, and occurrence and expenditure reports for virtually any market. Search parameters are so precise that you’ll easily get every piece of relevant and actionable intelligence available.


Manage your print intelligence effectively and efficiently.

Create your own customized print advertising intelligence center. Like AdSite, PrintPlus is a subscription-based, online platform that lets you track and report on ad activity, occurrence and spending with organization-wide access and customizable individual interface. Track, acquire, analyze and distribute your print intelligence with simplicity, and access your information anywhere, any time.

Monitor virtually the entire print universe continuously.

VMS physically monitors over 1,000 print sources and, with its partner BurrellesLuce, VMS monitors and captures advertisements from an additional 17,000 print sources.

Count on receiving only the best intelligence. VMS understands that competitive intelligence is critical to your business and maintains the highest internal quality control standards.

Gather the most detailed intelligence.

Search for ads and obtain them with unparalleled specificity. Every ad in the BurrellesLuce database is specially coded for easy access. Search using any combination of parameters: advertiser name, business category and subcategory, publication, date range, language or VMS ad number. For even greater detail, track ads by message class, target, occurrence and expenditure. Only PrintPlus provides this level of scope and precision.

You can also track and analyze competitive spending and occurrence continuously. With PrintPlus, you can find out when and where your competitors are advertising and how much they are investing in their campaigns. In addition, you can run ad hoc reports online that summarize spending and occurrence by your own specified parameters – including by product, target, message and industry.


• Continuous monitoring and notification of new advertising content

• The most extensive print coverage in the industry

• Quality control and personal monitoring by dedicated VMS media specialists

• The most precise, specific search and sorting capabilities available

• Detailed occurrence and expenditure reports


• Up-to-the minute, actionable intelligence from virtually every print market

• Easy management and 24/7 access to centralized content

• Continuous intelligence notifications keep you constantly informed

• The ability to analyze competitive ad occurrence and spending in every market to assess vulnerabilities and create advantage

• The ability to drill down and view print advertising trends from a top-level to granular data perspective