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The Boppy Company-KUSA-TV coverage

01/06/2023 - 01/07/2023
Television and Radio

1. 9 News Daybreak

KUSA-TV (NBC) CH 9, Denver | DMA: 17

01/07/2011, 05:00 AM - 06:00 AM

[EC] 00:29:05 And we'll tell you how the need for a little support for little ones led to a big business. Gregg will join us from Boppy headquarters. 00:29:54

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[EC] 00:38:39 This time Gregg is at a Colorado company that helps floppy tots. Floppy tots? Babies. 00:39:05

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[EC] 00:40:35 Gregg Moss is out on the town. He is in Golden to check out a company that's all about keeping babies secure and comfy. The company is called Boppy. I love that name, Gregg. Gregg, wake up. You look very comfortable. ... 00:41:17

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[EC] 00:42:08 Once again, it's Friday. It's a "Where In The Town" Friday, and we are at the Boppy Company. Susan Brown actually founded this business after she saw a sign posted at her daughter's daycare asking parents if they would volunteer to make some pillows. ... 00:45:19

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2. 9 News Six AM

KUSA-TV (NBC) CH 9, Denver | DMA: 17

01/07/2011, 06:00 AM - 07:00 AM

[CC] 00:16:48 Have you ever heard of Boppy pillows? You know they can make a baby's life and mom's life much easier. The Boppy empire is expanding. They have hired Gregg Moss. 00:19:48

[CC] 00:19:23 Gregg Moss is out on the town this morning. He is in Golden visiting Boppy, a baby products company that has become a favorite for moms all after the world. Good morning, Gregg. All right. I almost did sew my finger. You got to be careful. I was looking around going to talk to you guys. This is Haley and she is going to help me but it goes back to 1980, the history of this company. ... 00:25:23

[CC] 00:43:25 Gregg Moss is in Golden meeting with some product development specialists who are under a year old. I guess. Who you got there Gregg? This is my good friend Sadie. She is head of research and development this morning and she is giving me tips about the Boppy Company and what makes a Boppy pillow. She is brilliant. ... 00:49:25

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3. 9News At 7AM

KTVD-TV (My Network TV) CH 20, Denver | DMA: 17

01/07/2011, 07:00 AM - 08:00 AM

[CC] 00:44:57 Gregg is back from a "Where On The Town" at Boppy Baby. Boppy Baby in Golden, CO. Boppy pillows is what they make. Th ey are famous for their pillows. I got to hang out with the research and development department babies. That's Sadie. She really liked me. Jack is on the floor doing research. This company was started in 1980. This is now an international company based in Golden. They have 400 places now. It started with one pillow. 00:47:57

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