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[CC]=Derived from Closed Captioning; I=Interview; GR=Graphic; PC=Press Conference; R=Reader; SI=Studio Interview; T=Teaser; TZ=Teased Segment; V=Visual


01/05 to 01/06

1. The Late Show With David Letterman
CBS (---) National
01/05/202311:35 PM - 12:35 AM

00:41:48 TZ; Marv Albert: Interview continues with Marv Albert. SI; Albert talks about Super Bowl, NFL, sports bloopers from 2004 . V; 2004 sports bloopers reel. V; EA Sports NBA Live 2005 for X-Box. 00:45:55

2. X-Play
G4TechTV (---) National
01/05/202311:00 PM - 11:30 PM

00:01:42 TZ; LOTR: A review of Lord Of The Rings: The Third Age . V; Game footage. Keywords: EA, Battle for Middle Earth. 00:05:11

3. The Squawk Box
CNBC (---) National
01/06/202308:00 AM - 09:00 AM

00:19:16 TZ; Gunning for gamers: At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last night, Microsoft founder Bill Gates spoke about the digital lifestyle and the big success of the XBox game Halo 2, while Sony unveiled its new PlayStation handheld gaming unit to compete with the Nintendo DS. V; Gates playing XBox game against Conan O'Brien. V; Sony PlayStation Portable. V; footage from Electronic Arts Madden game. I; PC Magazine editor in chief Michael Miller, says there is clearly a lot going on in the gaming market, as PlayStation and XBox are doing really nice things, and the Nintendo DS is doing quite well. V; Sony PlayStation 2. V; footage from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas courtesy of IAC/InterActive. GR; Sony Corp. stock chart. 00:23:25

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