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[CC]=Derived from Closed Captioning; I=Interview; GR=Graphic; PC=Press Conference; R=Reader; SI=Studio Interview; T=Teaser; TZ=Teased Segment; V=Visual


01/05 to 01/06

1. The Late Show With David Letterman
CBS (---) National
01/05/202311:35 PM - 12:35 AM

00:41:48 TZ; Marv Albert: Interview continues with Marv Albert. SI; Albert talks about Super Bowl, NFL, sports bloopers from 2004. V; 2004 sports bloopers reel. V; EA Sports NBA Live 2005 for X-Box. 00:45:55

2. Best Damn Sports Show Period
Fox Sports Network (---) National
01/05/202308:30 PM - 10:00 PM

00:34:34 TZ; Rip Hamilton: Hamilton is a guest on the show. V; Hamilton highlights. SI; Hamilton, talks about Detroit since V; the Pacers fight. He talks about Coach Brown's possible retirement. Arnold asks him about his mask and V; LeBron James' mask. Arnold asks Hamilton about X-Box, and he says he's the best at Halo and NBA Live 2005 00:39:45

3. The Squawk Box
CNBC (---) National
01/06/202308:00 AM - 09:00 AM

[cc] 00:22:34 ...lots of talk about consolidation in the video game sector, sparked by Electronic Arts' stake in French game maker Ubisoft. ...

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