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01/04 to 01/04

North American Markets

1. Fox 6 News At 5:30DMA: 34
WITI-TV CH 6 (FOX) Milwaukee
01/04/202305:30 PM - 06:00 PM 
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[CC] 00:08:11 --You've done it again!! You first saw the story of "bella" --This 8-Month-Old greyhound last night here at five. She fractured her leg on christmas day, and her owners couldn't afford surgery, so they surrendered her. The humane society was hoping for donations to cover the cost of the 45-Hundred dollar surgery. And after our story aired, donations flowed in. And the humane society met its goal this morning!! Packers general manager ted general packers general manager ted thompson wants to make his team better by building through the draft, but is he willing to spend money on another big-Time freagent like charles woodson? We'll spend our capital on that answer, in fox six sports with tim van vooren. And, a national group puts up a new billboard in Milwaukee, but not everyone's happy about it. And, this warm weather is great for those of you who love warm weather sports, but one business in particular is taking a big hit, as the temps rise. More new news from the new at&t. Make the switch to at&t and get, the fastest internet in town for the price. Make the switch from your old cable company, to the new at&t today and get the incredible value, 00:11:11

[CC] 00:18:35 but the one they picked up, appears to be painted black on the sides, front, and back, but --The roof is still white. They're still looking for whoever was driving it the night of the shooting. An idea to add a five-cent surcharge to beer sales in la crosse is getting a lukewarm response. The niel surcharge would fund an "alcohol policy coordinator", after the string of drownings in the Mississippi river. In madison, a similar coordinator is funded by the university of Wisconsin, and the city. This spring-like weather in winter, is tricking plants into thinking it's time to come up! If the weather drops *little by little your plants should be okay. But if it drops all of a sudden. , Your plants could be in big trouble. If you don't want to take chances, cover them up. Today, if you were driving on highway 45, near hampton, you saw this new billboard. It's designed to motivate dog lovers, to take action. Lovers, to take motivate dog it's designedo billboard. Saw this new hampton, you saw this new it's designed to motivate dog lovers, to take action. But fox 6's chris goodman tells you, some say the billboard is misleading.... 00:21:35

2. CBS 58 NewsDMA: 34
WDJT-TV CH 58 (CBS) Milwaukee
01/04/202305:00 PM - 05:30 PM 
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[CC] 00:30:44 Recapping tonight's top stories, there's new billboard along highway 45 tonight, it calls on the medical college to stop using live dogs as part of a phyisiology course for students. The medical college plans to end the practice next year, but the humane society wants it stopped now.... 00:33:44

3. WISN 12 News At 5:00DMA: 34
WISN-TV CH 12 (ABC) Milwaukee
01/04/202305:00 PM - 05:30 PM 
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[CC] 00:03:35 .... The new billboard campaign is intended to draw support from the public for their effort. Since behind the scenes pressure has not worked. I hope that the billboard makes more bill aware and as the community becomes aware and gets behind this campaign, the medical college will realize that it is time to join the other medical school's across the country. Physicians who are opposing that bill --oppose the practice may not need the public's health much longer. The college has said it has already decided to start using pigs as of January 2008. We will see how long that sign stays up. Thank you. 00:06:35

4. Today's TMJ4 News Live At 11:30DMA: 34
WTMJ-TV CH 4 (NBC) Milwaukee
01/04/202311:30 AM - 12:00 PM 
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[CC] 00:04:11 A new ad is getting a lot of attention. It's aimed at a program run by a local hospital. And it involves alleged cruelity to animals. Our melanie stout is live in Milwaukee to explain that billboard will go later today here at this intersection along 45 near hampton. The group sponsoring this billboard calls it the save the dogs billboard the national physicians groups is criticizing the medical college of Wisconsin. The college uses 60 dogs in a lab and students perform surgeries on dogs in a lab and students perform surgiers on them as they would humans. The billboard reads don't put man's best friend under the knife and it encourages drivers to look at the alternatives to dogs in labs. The college says the dogs are treated like human's in surgery with anethesiologist in the operating room.... 00:07:11

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