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[CC]=Derived from Closed Captioning; I=Interview; GR=Graphic; PC=Press Conference; R=Reader; SI=Studio Interview; T=Teaser; TZ=Teased Segment; V=Visual


01/04 to 01/05

1. Best Damn Sports Show Period
Fox Sports Network (---) National
01/04/202308:30 PM - 10:00 PM

00:20:48 Tease: Millar; Rubberboy. V; Millar playing EA Sports' MVP Baseball on Xbox. 00:21:29

2. Golf Talk
Golf Channel (---) National
01/04/202307:30 PM - 08:30 PM

[cc] 00:13:36 ...What's your favorite video game? What do you have, Playstation? >> "I have a Gamecube. I hardly ever play it. I only play it when I go to my friend's house". >> How about Tiger Woods 2005? ...

3. World Financial Report
Bloomberg (---) National
01/04/202304:30 PM - 05:00 PM

00:21:00 Tease: Electronic Arts, V; video game; GR; Video Game Stocks; GR; Media Stocks; GR; US Benchmarks 00:21:39

00:23:50 TZ; Electronic Arts: Electronic Arts has consistently delivered solid returns for investors. SB; Evan Wilson of V; Pacific Crest Securities talks about stock price. V; EA Madden video game. Electronic Arts is positioned to make acquisitions, and has bought a stake in French competitor UbiSoft Entertainment. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Disney might be interested in taking over Electronic Arts. GR; Electronic Arts. 00:25:22

4. Marketline
Bloomberg (---) National
01/04/202301:30 PM - 02:00 PM

00:12:47 Tease: Electronic Arts. GR; Media Stocks: Disney, Time Warner, IAC/Interactive Corp, Viacom CL B. 00:12:59

00:15:09 TZ; Electronic Arts: Electronic Arts gained more than 15% in the final part of the year. GR; Electronic Arts. V; clips from EA games. UbiSoft Entertainment. Midway Games, Idos, PLC, Activision. Viacom. Disney could be interested. 00:16:23

00:16:43 recap Electronic Arts: Keywords: SI; Evan Wilson, Pacific Crest Securities, Electronic Arts is competitive, mostly about product, Criterion is the maker of software and popular driving game Burnout 3, UbiSoft purchase possibility. Electronic Arts. Disney. 00:21:22

5. 11 News This Morning
KTVT-TV CH 11 (CBS) Dallas/Fort Worth
01/04/202306:00 AM - 07:00 AM

00:46:03 TZ; Pop Culture.: Some 2005 pop culture explosions are expected to be Star Wars, Harry Potter, video games, Kirstie Alley, Martha Stewart, Robert Blake and Michael Jackson. V; excerpts of "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith". V; excerpts of Harry Potter. V; Sony Playstation controller. V; Nintendo DS device. V; footage of Microsoft's Halo 2 game. V; excerpts of The Godfather. V; footage of Kirstie Alley. V; footage of Martha Stewart. V; footage of Robert Blake. V; footage of Michael Jackson. Jerry Bowing reporting. 00:48:27

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