Search the world’s largest advertising database from anywhere, at any time.

AdSearch is a Web-based portal that allows you to conduct ad hoc searches and to obtain creative content from our extensive database. Find, view and obtain the vital competitive advertising you’re looking for quickly and easily. With AdSearch, the full depth and breadth of VMS’ extensive creative library – with 3 million ads and growing – is at your fingertips 24/7.

Access and order from millions of competitive advertisements.

Search the VMS creative archive conveniently from your own computer. With a variety of advanced search options, AdSearch’s easy-to-use, Web-based platform lets you drill down and search the database by advertiser, category, subcategory, media type, language, date range, VMS commercial code, or with a full-text search based on our ad descriptions.

View ads right from your browser. AdSearch allows you to view and download creative and streaming media of over three million advertisements from the past thirty years across print, radio, television, Internet and outdoor media. Content is updated daily, with approximately 500 new advertisements added per day.

Order competitive ads online and have them delivered in your choice of format.

Take advantage of simple, cost-effective self-service and order your ads online. All ads are available for physical delivery and digital delivery – in the format you choose. Order ads anytime, anywhere, for delivery whenever you need.

AdSearch Features

• 24/7 online access to the world’s largest advertising library

• Drill down and find relevant content with extensive search and sorting options

• Order ads online

• View and download images and streaming media on your computer in any number of digital formats

• Get physical delivery of materials

AdSearch Benefits

• Easy, cost-effective self-service

• Competitive intelligence anywhere, any time

• The ability to obtain and analyze competitive messaging relative to your own to find opportunity and advantage