The World's Largest Advertising Library - 3 Million Ads and Growing Fast

No other source approaches the breadth and depth of the VMS advertising creative library. We monitor more advertising activity in more markets than any other source in the world, and every new ad is available on the web within minutes of our finding it.

Whether you need a single television commercial or complete multimedia coverage of an industry, VMS has it covered.

Television - We have over a million TV commercials dating back to the 1960 s, and every day we add hundreds more.

Radio - We monitor thousands of hours of radio broadcast every month in 28 major markets.

Print - Our standard print coverage includes nearly 120 publications, but our affiliation with BurrellesLuce allows us to provide creative from over 18,000 publications upon request.

Out-of-Home - We capture Out-of-Home creative in 10 markets.

Internet - We monitor thousands of web sites every day for new banner ads.

International - VMS offers TV, Print, and Internet creative from over 50 countries across 6 continents.

Hispanic - We offer specialized coverage of Spanish language advertising across TV, Radio, Print, Out-of-Home, and the Internet. Translations are available for all Spanish ads.

Market Coverage - Click here for specifics on our market coverage and publication list.

Media Formats - We offer a wide range of traditional and digital formats for each media.