Advertising Monitoring

The more you know, the better you can compete.

Competition in every market has never been more intense or more fluid. In order to optimize share of mind and market, you need the higher order competitive advertising intelligence provided by VMS. Our industry leadership, breadth and depth of integrated monitoring capabilities and incisive analysis give you the vital intelligence and proof of performance you need to create advantage, counter threats, and demonstrate and enhance the effectiveness of your advertising.

Better coverage and more services to give you the competitive edge.

Only VMS monitors advertising activity across all media and in virtually every market with unsurpassed speed and precision. Our extensive market coverage and partnerships eliminate dependence on secondary information sources. Our advertising specialists monitor and report on competitors and ad activity according to your specifications and with greater speed and accuracy than any other provider.

Utilize our unique Web-based applications to easily find competitive content with highly specific search options, and have it delivered in your choice of format. Receive updated creative content notifications and content delivery automatically. Quantify the value of your product placements and verify media purchases. VMS gives you the big picture and the ability to drill down helping you make the most informed strategic, creative and tactical decisions.