Accessing competitive advertising intelligence just got easier.

InSight takes true Integrated Media Intelligence to a whole new level because it’s now fully linked with VMS’ AdSite platform – the industry’s most robust, Web-based competitive ad tracking and analysis resource. AdSite lets you quickly and easily make comprehensive searches of advertising in all media – broadcast, print, newspaper, out-of-home and Internet. What’s more, it delivers immediate digital delivery of actual ads online.

AdSite lets you retrieve, view and organize all your advertising information from a single, fully integrated, online source. Its customizable design allows you to manage your media monitoring results just the way you want. AdSite provides:

• A powerful, secure Web application for managing your competitive media

• A complete hosting infrastructure

• VMS’ expert professional services

• A Web-based Digital Asset Management search engine, which allows the user to search their competitive media by multiple criteria

Although AdSite was primarily designed for ad agencies, in today’s hyper-integrated media world, where media appearances are increasingly cumulative and interdependent, AdSite provides an essential resource to public-relations professionals as well as ad professionals who require Integrated Media Intelligence solutions.

Personalized Content

AdSite is customized for each account and allows custom specification of the competitive set and media mix. For advertisers with multiple brands, AdSite supports user groups that allow a top-level view of all competitive media as well as a matched brand breakout for individual brand competitive. You can search, store and save creative content, as well as receive competitive ad spending reports in a manner that best suits your intelligence needs.

AdSite Features

• Modular, Web-based platform provides for the storage and management of advertising creative content

• Single source for creative samples from across print, broadcast, radio, Internet and outdoor advertising

• Delivery of up-to-the-minute content and access to the largest ad library in the world

• Easy access, organization-wide, with customizable interface for individual users

• Custom-definable sorting methods to view search and storage results from any perspective

• Delivery of creative content in your choice of digital and physical formats

• Instant notification and automatic retrieval for specified content

AdSite Benefits

• Ability to obtain and analyze competitive messaging across all media

• Highly focused, 24/7, real-time actionable intelligence that can transform and ensure the success of your business by revealing opportunities and creating advantage

• Simplified, centralized storage and management of creative content with the ability to distribute/access content organization-wide

• Productivity enhancement through powerful search, data filtering, reporting, archiving and digital delivery capabilities

• A totally secure, confidential system customized to each user


The convenience of Web-based storage allows you to share your media endlessly – with your account team or your clients. AdSite gives you access to your own custom section of the VMS Advertising Database. Many AdSite customers also access their sites through their own extranets, brand portals, digital asset libraries, and marketing content management applications.

24/7 Availability and Automated Updates

AdSite is fully Web-accessible and allows you to search for and view ads from any Web browser. And anytime a new ad breaks that meets your specifications, VMS will automatically send you an email alert and store the ad to your specifications within your AdSite account.