Your powerful, turnkey public relations portal.

The InSight platform can provide a fully integrated, customized online newsroom, featuring your own or your clients’ branding, which allows public relations departments to create, distribute and track coverage from press releases within a single environment. InSight’s customized newsrooms provide a place for reporters and other communications professionals to download press release copy, images, graphics and other materials quickly and easily from one location.

InSight’s Newsroom is an all-digital, turnkey solution that’s searchable for content and totally trackable, letting you know who’s accessing which press materials. And it’s fully integrated with MediaConnect and InSight’s content modules. InSight’s NewsRoom module lets you:

• Publish releases from anywhere

• Track access to press releases

• Upload logos, graphics and media kits

• Allow members of the media to search for content

• Dispatch content to a cell phone or PDA

• Publish event schedules and summaries

• Manage proprietary media contact information

• Analyze site traffic for optimization