Contact Management

MediaConnect brings you a comprehensive directory of media providers and media contacts – for immediate access to your press audience.

MediaConnect is a premium module within the InSight platform. It’s a comprehensive, up-to-date media directory that provides clients with easy access to over 60,000 media outlets and over 300,000 media contacts. MediaConnect is updated daily, and includes information on all local and national newspapers, cable, network and local television stations, local radio stations, radio networks, and magazines. Editorial calendars and Bulldog reporter pitching tips are options that are also available.


• A constantly updated directory of media outlets and contacts across all media and in markets of all sizes

• Editorial calendars and information to help you get your story published


• One-stop, easy access to the people and the outlets who will deliver your message to your target audience

• The ability to deliver your message across multiple media with the right contacts

• Up-to-date information on when and how you need to get your message to the media so that it’s is delivered quickly and properly