Better coverage, better intelligence.

Together with our partner BurrellesLuce, VMS covers more publications, broadcast stations, Web sites and news groups than anyone else. It’s no wonder InSight has attracted over 1,000 customers since launch. With InSight, one source brings you comprehensive coverage of media activity. VMS covers:

• Virtually every broadcast and cable TV network

• 525 local television and radio stations

• More than 65,000 broadcast hours of news recorded each month, and approximately 2 million broadcast news summaries compiled monthly.

• Nearly 9,000 newspapers

• Nearly 5,000 trade and professional journals

• Thousands of Web editions of print publications

• 2,000 Web-only news sources

• Over 50,000 online discussion groups

VMS covers the top 127 DMA markets and we cover each and every one of them around the clock. While a few of our competitors actually cover a slightly larger number of markets, VMS covers the all of the truly key markets and covers them in greater depth. As a result, our coverage typically produces approximately 30% more hits than competitors.

National. International. Consumer. Business. Professional.

From national to international to consumer to business to professional media, InSight gives you comprehensive reach along with the world’s most intelligent, empowering, productivity enhancing media analysis and management tool.