More ways to assemble actionable intelligence that yields powerful advantage.

InSight brings an overview of all of your news coverage right to your desktop. With a wide variety of ways to access your coverage and report on it in just the form you want. It also brings together all of the information you need to compile, measure and demonstrate the effectiveness and ROI of your PR efforts – and assess the potential impact of your news coverage. InSight’s personalization features let you customize both how you manage and display information within its environment so it’s most valuable to you, and brings you:

• Reports and ratings of positive, negative and neutral mentions in the press

• Reports on levels of coverage in different media and geographic regions

• Reports on publicity in different markets and brand categories

• Reports on total impressions

• Reports on the ad value equivalent (AVE) of news stories

• Reports on audience sizes using Nielsen data

• Broadcast schedules

It’s all brought together with the kind of analytical capabilities that create true Integrated Media Intelligence and strategic advantage – letting you can stay on top of events that can affect your business, and a step ahead of competitors. With immediate, linked access to actual content including full text of print and Web coverage, TV and radio clips and transcripts – giving you precisely focused, actionable analyses of your total media presence. All from one source.

Ad-hoc Reports

The InSight team will create ad-hoc quantitative reports, or representation of the data as necessary based on requests.