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InSight is an innovative, Web-based platform brought to you by VMS and BurrellesLuce - the world's leaders in media monitoring that allows you to track, organize and analyze all your media coverage simply and swiftly from your desktop.

InSight is field-tested and performance-proven; an established platform with hundreds of clients. It provides users instant access to myriad content, and real-time reporting and analysis capabilities unmatched in the marketplace. InSight is built with a results-driven, market-focused communications professional in mind.


With InSight, you can:

Track…your company's, or your competitor's, media coverage -- print, broadcast and Web. VMS and BurrellesLuce cover more publications, broadcast stations, Web sites and news groups than anyone else. All your articles or broadcasts are delivered electronically to your desktop. Read an abstract, review the text, or see the actual print or broadcast clip - the choice is yours.

Organize…your coverage to fit your specific research and reporting needs. Our research specialists can review your coverage, evaluate the tone and message delivered, and categorize the clips according to your needs - - by brand, campaign, competitor, or virtually any criteria you choose. View your media coverage in ways that work for your business.


Analyze…your coverage quickly and easily. With a few keystrokes, you can retrieve articles, create a multitude of reports, or display graphs that track coverage in real-time. You can check competing coverage and compare it to yours. You can even monitor how certain reporters or publications are covering your company.

Report…results to your management team. InSight provides dozens of real-time and customizable reports that will help you evaluate the strategic impact and bottom-line value of your company's communications activities. For example, with easily generated InSight daily summary reports, every sales and marketing person in your company can know the latest news about you and your competitors. With InSight's clipbook management tools, you can deliver personalized media coverage reports, with actual clips included, as easily as you can write an e-mail.

With InSight, we've designed an easy-to-learn, simple-to-use and cost-effective media monitoring and analysis tool that will help you capture, review, and analyze important information about you and your competitors. InSight's modular design means it can be customized to your exact requirements, with offerings that fit virtually any budget. Of course, InSight continues the VMS and BurellesLuce tradition of excellent customer support and service. For more information about InSight, or to sign up for an online demonstration, contact one of our local sales representatives.


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