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(NEW YORK, NY – September 9, 2023) VMS, the world’s largest provider of news and advertising monitoring and analysis services, announced today that it will be launching its first major advertising campaign in several years in an effort to drive greater awareness of the company’s media intelligence and analysis capabilities.

The campaign, entitled “Know More,” debuts this month in advertising, public relations and brand marketing publications along with corresponding Web sites targeting marketing executives, corporate communicators and advertising and public relations agencies.

The launch of the advertising campaign signals the company’s intent to become the leading global provider of integrated media intelligence solutions.

“VMS is the industry leading broadcast monitoring provider with the deepest content database and the ability to deliver news coverage and competitive advertising content to our customers across a wide range of formats,” said Peter Wengryn, President and CEO of VMS.

“Our new advertising campaign will communicate what our existing customers already know about the value of our service and the importance of understanding in a real-time manner how your company and your competition are being portrayed and positioned by the media,” noted Wengryn.

The campaign illustrates scenarios in which a company is missing information that can help it solve a pressing problem or capitalize on an opportunity. In each case, VMS provides information that has a bottom-line impact.

“Simply, VMS provides higher-order media intelligence so marketers, corporate communicators and their agencies can know more – more quickly – about threats and opportunities,” states Tom Stein, President of Stein Rogan + Partners, VMS’ advertising agency of record.

“VMS is rightly known for our ability to monitor and analyze news and advertising more broadly and deeply, and across more media, than other providers,” notes Wengryn. “With this campaign, we intend to be known for the power of our Integrated Media Intelligence solutions,” he adds. “This is reflective of the company’s strategic vision and the value we provide to our customers. It’s also the reason for our ongoing momentum.”

VMS is a world leader in the retrieval, management and analysis of news and advertising information providing unique services and products for public relations firms, advertising agencies and marketers worldwide. VMS’ global advertising database is the largest in the world containing over 3 million television, radio, print outdoor and Internet ads and provides a vital resource for staying up-to-date on the latest creative efforts of its customers’ competitors. VMS records and monitors thousands of hours of television and radio broadcast news in over 100 top U.S. and international markets everyday enabling it to proactively manage public relations efforts whenever broadcast or Internet news of interest occur. VMS operates 18 full-service offices and 2 monitoring centers in major cities throughout the U.S. For more information about VMS call (800) VMS-2002 or visit