VMS Expands Real-Time Media Monitoring

Launches First Module of Next-Generation
Media Monitoring and Management Platform

New York, NY, January 12, 2010: VMS, the worldwide leader in integrated media intelligence solutions, today announced the broad expansion of its real-time media monitoring offerings to include Internet, Web Print, Social Media and Web Video.

In a related development, VMS has also announced the first module of its next generation InSight platform – its market-leading, web-based media monitoring and management platform that allows communications professionals to quickly search, compile and analyze all their media coverage.

With these enhanced offerings, VMS continues its legacy of delivering solutions driven by customer needs. VMS clients will be able to conduct their own searches, and set up custom alerts, for content spanning all traditional and new media types. This is a perfect solution for crisis PR management, for example. VMS clients can also leverage the company’s team of editorial and analytics experts -- unique in the industry – who will build specific search profiles, review coverage for relevancy, categorize by topic or message, and apply tonality as required.

With this announcement, VMS will be the only company in the business intelligence marketplace able to deliver and analyze content from all major media sources, in near real-time, through a robust, user-friendly and uniquely-customizable software platform.

VMS enhanced content offerings will now include:

  • TV from all 210 markets
  • Radio from 50 of the top markets
  • Print content from over 18,000 publications
  • Thousands of online print publications
  • Millions of Internet sites in a variety of verticals
  • Millions of Blogs and Social Media sites including Twitter
  • Access to millions of hours of audio & video web content
  • International coverage from over 80 countries
“We’ve been listening to our clients and are responding to their need for comprehensive media intelligence solutions, leveraging the best software technology available, all delivered at an affordable price,” noted Peter Wengryn, CEO of VMS. “VMS has set the standard in the media intelligence market for technological innovation with solutions like Insight, Adsight and Vantage, and the developments unveiled today build on that legacy,” Wengryn said.

This announcement is the first of many in the next few months. VMS expects to announce additional new modules and enhancements of InSight and Vantage in the near future. “These new features and cutting edge applications that will be deployed in the near future with our partner Autonomy, the world’s fastest growing software company, will greatly benefit VMS customers and the industry,” concluded Wengryn.

About VMS

VMS is the world leader for integrated media intelligence solutions that bring together news monitoring and advertising monitoring across all media – internet, social media, blogs, broadcast, radio, print, and outdoor. The firm just debuted the first-ever integrated platform, Vantage, which enables communicators to see the affects of PR on advertising, and vice versa, for their organizations and competitors, complete with correlations to business outcomes.

VMS provides public relations firms, advertising agencies and marketers worldwide with the most comprehensive, cutting-edge editorial and ad retrieval, management and analysis solutions, including a broad spectrum of industry-leading advertising and public relations measurement and tracking tools. VMS recently entered into a strategic partnership with world-class software provider Autonomy to take advantage of state-of-the-art meaning-based computing to enhance their search capabilities.

Through its InSight platform, VMS monitors thousands of hours of television broadcast news in all 210 U.S DMAs™ – by far the most of any provider – through a unique, proprietary nationwide digital network, enabling VMS to help manage brand reputation with unparalleled speed, breadth and depth. VMS also monitors approximately 10,000 hours a week of radio broadcasts nationwide--again the industry's broadest coverage.

VMS provides access to the largest continually updated advertising database in the world with over five million ads and commercials through the market leading AdSight platform. The competitive advertising intelligence VMS provides includes U.S. and international creative content as well as domestic spending and occurrence data from Nielsen for the top 100 U.S. television markets.

For more information about VMS call 1.800.VMS.2002 or visit www.vmsinfo.com.