New York, NY – March 24, 2023 -- VMS, the worldwide leader in integrated media intelligence solutions, today announced the launch of a unique, proprietary solution providing corporations a holistic view of their total advertising and news coverage with related measurement and metrics -- all on one platform across all media types.


This new breakthrough industry, patent-pending product called Vantage™ gives companies forward focused insights with the ability to understand true Return On Investment (ROI) for advertising and public relations media activities and expenditures.


VMS will be presenting Vantage to thousands of advertising, public relations and marketing professionals at the Advertising Research Foundation: ReThink Convention & Expo March 30th & 31st in NYC.


“Vantage will change the fundamental dynamics of our industry,” said Peter Wengryn, CEO of VMS. “With the current pressure for accountability, transparency and ROI, Vantage is a one-of-a-kind 360 degree solution that empowers companies as never before.”


With this new, innovative platform, VMS is leveraging its best-of-breed data and leading edge technology solutions in competitive advertising intelligence, news monitoring, qualitative and quantitative analysis with reporting capabilities. “CMOs, public relations and advertising executives will have at their fingertips a viable, comprehensive business tool to assist them in effectuating positive business solutions,” said Wengryn.


With Vantage, clients can now:


  • Track key industry and media trends and see if messaging is in synch with those trends and gauge if advertising and public relations messaging is aligned
  • Bring together key marketing data and content in a single web-based platform making it immediately accessible, actionable and shareable
  • Measure advertising and public relations performance across all major media to see how editorial coverage and advertising effectiveness impact each other and how they work in tandem to drive business outcomes
  • Measure marketing performance relative to the competition and to a select industry overall
  • Sort, filter, and view performance data and content by multiple criteria—media types, messaging, specific competitors, customer segments, geography and date ranges
  • Correlate integrated marketing activity and business outcomes

VMS began product development after years of research and close consultation with industry executives to better understand marketplace needs. After extensive testing and analysis, the VMS team was able to determine the best integrated media intelligence solutions, culminating in Vantage.


“To realize our long term strategic vision of introducing a suite of Integrated Media Intelligence solutions to the marketplace, we needed to establish a strong foundation of innovative, market-leading offerings first,” noted Wengryn. “With InSight™ and AdSight™ our news and advertising monitoring solutions as building blocks, we were in a unique position to capitalize on our superior market know-how to develop an enviable, and comprehensive C-Suite business solution in Vantage.”


Gary Getto, VP of Integrated Media Intelligence for VMS has been at the forefront of the Vantage development. Getto has over ten years of experience correlating news coverage to business outcomes, and creating proprietary algorithms that show the relationship and impact of news and advertising on each other, thereby enabling improved decision making. “VMS in partnership with our beta clients have already confirmed that Vantage enables savvy Global 500 companies to reevaluate and adjust expenditures and activities to deliver stronger ROI to their Board of Directors”, said Getto.


A compelling aspect of the Vantage solution is its ability to assist marketers to stay ahead of their competition. Through a user-friendly dashboard, Vantage provides the user actionable big-picture metrics, with the feature to drill down to more granular views. “With Vantage, users can quickly detect and counter competitive threats, respond more efficiently to media crisis situations, and adjust messaging as necessary,” noted Getto.


VMS will be introducing new modules to compliment the base Vantage package being launched throughout this year, and into the future.


“This milestone achievement – the deployment of Vantage – reaffirms our position as the coverage, service and innovative technology leader in the news and advertising monitoring marketplace,” noted Wengryn. “With Vantage, we guarantee that our current and future clients will receive the most comprehensive and highest quality media intelligence available.”



VMS is the world leader in integrated media intelligence solutions that bring together news monitoring and advertising monitoring across all media – broadcast, radio, print, Internet and outdoor.


VMS provides public relations firms, advertising agencies and marketers worldwide with the most comprehensive, cutting-edge editorial and ad retrieval, management and analysis solutions, including a broad spectrum of industry-leading advertising and public relations measurement and tracking tools.


VMS monitors thousands of hours of television broadcast news in all 210 U.S DMAs™ – by far the most of any provider – through a unique nationwide digital network, enabling us to help manage brand reputation with unparalleled speed, breadth and depth.   VMS also monitors approximately 10,000 hours a week of radio broadcasts nationwide again the industry's broadest coverage.


VMS provides access to the largest continually updated advertising database in the world with over five million ads and commercials through the market leading AdSight 4 platform.  The competitive advertising intelligence VMS provides includes U.S. and international creative content as well as domestic spending and occurrence data from Nielsen for the top 100 U.S. television markets.


VMS operates 15 full-service offices and 3 monitoring centers throughout the U.S. For more information about VMS call (800) vms-2002 or visit www.vmsinfo.com.