VMS Acquires Measurement and Analysis Leader PRtrak®


New York, NY – September 15, 2023 - Video Monitoring Services (VMS), the world leader in news and advertising monitoring and analysis services , today announced that it has acquired media analysis and measurement innovator PRtrak, expanding the breadth and depth of VMS’ Integrated Media Intelligence (IMI) solutions portfolio.


PRtrak, formerly a subsidiary of Surveillance Data Incorporated (SDI), has developed a stable of software tools and services that focuses on the link between competitive media coverage and business outcomes through innovative research and precision metrics.


PRtrak ® products help communications professionals demonstrate the value of their work in terms management understands. PRtrak products range from a simple, Web-based do-it-yourself application to sophisticated “Share of Discussion” services with correlations to outcomes.


" VMS is the world’s leading broadcast monitoring provider with the most comprehensive digital market coverage, and the only company that can deliver both editorial coverage and competitive advertising content to our customers across a wide range of media,” said Peter Wengryn, President and CEO of VMS.


“With this important acquistion, VMS has reached another significant milestone," said Wengryn. “It demonstrates clearly that VMS is committed to its vision of delivering robust, high-value Integrated Media Intelligence solutions to our customers.”


“IMI requires the integration of both editorial and advertising content, with the necessary metrics and analysis to provide truly actionable customer insights,” noted Wengryn. “Only VMS, with our unsurpassed market coverage, unmatched technological capabilities in both news and advertising monitoring, and extensive industry experience and knowledge, is poised to offer these services to the market today.”


VMS recently extended its broadcast monitoring network to cover all 210 U.S. markets - the first and only monitoring company to reach this important milestone. VMS has also deployed a state-of-the-art digital capture system that extends its digital monitoring and retrieval capabilities to all 210 U.S. markets, as well as all national broadcast and cable networks. This digital network provides VMS clients with the highest quality images available on the market today. VMS also has the world’s most extensive advertising library comprising over three million ads dating back to the late 1800’s for print and the late 1950’s for broadcast.


“We’re excited to be joining such a bold and dynamic company,” noted Angela Jeffrey, who will continue to lead measurement activities as Vice President at VMS. “The integration of PRtrak’s metrics, software solutions, and know-how with the VMS InSight™ and BroadcastCenter™ platforms, and the reach offered by VMS’customer base should fuel significant growth,” she continued.


“We’re looking forward to working with the PRtrak team of industry experts,” noted James Waggoner, President of VMS’ Analysis Division, “and to the further development and deployment of VMS’ integrated media intelligence solutions.”


“VMS is known for our ability to monitor and analyze news and advertising more broadly and deeply, and across more media, than other providers,” continues Wengryn. “With this acquistion, we intend to be known for the power of our Integrated Media Intelligence solutions,” he adds. “This supports the company’s strategic vision, and our pledge to our customers to be the technological leader in the industry. We continue to bring innovative, best-of-breed solutions and unique value to our clients.”



VMS is a world leader in the retrieval, management and analysis of news and advertising information providing for public relations firms, advertising agencies and marketers worldwide. VMS monitors thousands of hours of television and radio broadcast news in all 210 U.S. DMAs every day, enabling it to proactively manage public relations efforts whenever broadcast or Internet news of interest occurs.


VMS' also manages the world's largest advertising database is the largest in the world containing over 5 million television, radio, print outdoor and Internet ads and provides a vital resource for competitive creative content as well as spending and occurrence data. VMS operates 15 full-service offices and 3 monitoring centers in major cities throughout the US. For more information about VMS call (800) vms-2002 or visit www.vmsinfo.com.



For more information, please contact Michael Giovia at 212-329-5651 or mgiovia@vmsinfo.com