VMS Announces Nationwide Market Expansion, Introduces New Monitoring Technology, and Deploys Digital Capture Network

Broadcast monitor also rolling out digital previewing in all U.S. markets

New York, NY – April 27, 2023 – Video Monitoring Services (VMS), the world leader in news and advertising monitoring and analysis services, today announced a three-pronged strategic initiative – including a major expansion of markets monitored, an enhanced digital capture network, as well as the re-launch and expansion of its near-real-time digital viewing product, QuickView – that will revolutionize the broadcast news and advertising monitoring and analysis industry.

Expanded monitoring to all 210 U.S. markets

VMS is expanding its broadcast monitoring network to cover all U.S. markets – from 150 Designated Market Areas (DMAs) to 210 – the first monitoring company to reach this important milestone. This expanded coverage will be available to VMS clients beginning next week.

For this deployment, VMS developed a new, state-of-the-industry, closed-caption monitoring technology. This technology supplements VMS’ human monitoring coverage in the top 50 U.S. markets.

Of significant note, VMS is the only broadcast monitor that leverages in the top 50 markets a highly-trained monitoring staff – numbering in the hundreds – to review pertinent coverage and capturing visual references and identifying key issues or trends in a way that closed-captioned monitoring alone cannot provide.

For all 210 U.S. markets, VMS’ expert team of editors also reviews all closed-captioned text to ensure quality news and advertising broadcast summaries. VMS’ new closed-captioned monitoring system, combined with human monitoring, sets a higher standard for relevance and value of monitoring reports.

The largest, most powerful national digital capture network

VMS also is deploying a new, state-of-the-art digital capture system that extends its digital monitoring and retrieval capabilities to all 210 U.S. markets, as well as all national broadcast and cable networks.

Through this digital network, VMS news clients will receive high-quality, full-motion broadcast segments from the top 150 markets much faster – in most cases on a same-day basis. VMS advertising clients will have same-day access to television commercials in digital quality from those same 150 markets. The breadth of VMS’ digital coverage, as well as the speed of access to high-quality digital content, is unmatched in both industries.

QuickView re-launch in 210 U.S. markets

As the third part of its strategic initiative, VMS is relaunching QuickView™, the Web-based, solution designed for lower-cost, near-real-time viewing of relevant news coverage. Previously available for 50 markets, QuickView will now provide coverage for all 210 U.S. broadcast markets. VMS clients utilize QuickView to support product launches and crisis management, among other applications. VMS is the only media monitor and analysis company to offer these capabilities.

The expansion of DMA coverage and the introduction of widespread digital capture guarantees VMS’ position as the bona fide market leader, providing broadcast monitoring coverage to clients from parts of the country no other competitor can reach.

These initiatives also ensure the fast delivery of the most comprehensive and highest quality information that can become truly actionable data when supported by VMS offerings like InSight, the market’s leading on-demand news management and analysis platform.

These concerted and coordinated efforts by VMS lay a strong foundation for the company’s unique Integrated Media Intelligence™ (IMI) solutions that are currently in development.

“These exciting developments reaffirm our position as the coverage, service and technology leader in the news and advertising monitoring industries,” said Peter Wengryn, CEO of VMS. “Our brand promise is that VMS customers will ‘know more, know faster, and know better.’ With this initiative, we take this promise further, guaranteeing that our clients will get the most comprehensive and highest quality media intelligence available,” he added.

“Our clients will be receiving the comprehensive coverage they demand and only we can deliver, presented with the quality and speed they require. This also represents another significant step toward delivering on our vision and the promise of true integrated media intelligence solutions,” said Wengryn.

Over the next several weeks and months, VMS will be introducing other news, advertising, and analysis products and services, that leverage the depth and breadth of this expanded digital network while maintaining its focus on customer service and technology innovation. VMS will also be introducing other new technologies and announcing key partnerships.


VMS is a world leader in the retrieval, management and analysis of news and advertising information providing for public relations firms, advertising agencies and marketers worldwide. VMS monitors thousands of hours of television and radio broadcast news in all 210 U.S. DMAs every day, enabling it to proactively manage public relations efforts whenever broadcast or Internet news of interest occurs.


VMS' also manages the world's largest advertising database is the largest in the world containing over 5 million television, radio, print outdoor and Internet ads and provides a vital resource for competitive creative content as well as spending and occurrence data. VMS operates 15 full-service offices and 3 monitoring centers in major cities throughout the US. For more information about VMS call (800) vms-2002 or visit www.vmsinfo.com.