The most comprehensive source of local ad spending data.
VoiceTrak provides coverage of all local media types in all markets to help market-focused advertisers get a better view of competitive conditions. We do so through an exhaustive survey of every significant media vehicle in every local market - including all 210 U.S. broadcast markets. While syndicated monitoring may cover 9 media vehicles in a market like Atlanta, VoiceTrak surveys cover almost 100, making VoiceTrak the industry's most comprehensive choice for local media intelligence and local share of voice data.

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Market Coverage
All 210 US DMA®'s monitored
9,056 local media vehicles surveyed including:

• 1,253 television stations
• 359 cable systems and interconnects
• 5,211 radio stations
• 578 local outdoor companies
• 1,540 local newspapers and business journals
• 125 local magazines
67% media participation - 75% priority media participation
Full Coverage of Hispanic Media
Historical spending data in key categories from 1995 to present
Category Coverage
Automotive Manufacturers & Dealer Associations
Auto Parts & Service
Cable/Satellite TV
Discount Department Stores
Gas/Convenience Stores
Health Plans
Quick Service Restaurants/Casual Dining
Surveys fielded quarterly
Presentation ready summary and detail reports.
Data and reports available electronically.
Expenditures and share of voice reported.
Ethnic Spending Reports - In many markets ethnic spending is substantial. VMS can provide separate tracking and reporting of spending in Hispanic media as part of our broader spending studies or as a standalone service.

Client Supplied Data Integration - We'll help you combine local and national spending data from multiple sources into a single report.

DMA® is a registered trademark of Nielsen Media Research, Inc.

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