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An unparalleled source for Hispanic ads across all media.
VMS now monitors both major Spanish TV networks, as well as local coverage in major markets. Additionally, we provide advertising monitoring services for several major radio markets and the top U.S. Spanish language magazines and newspapers. VMS also provides advertisers with unique insight into competitive spending in all Hispanic media - television, print, radio and Out-of-Home - via our VoiceTrak local spending reports.
U.S. Spanish Language Media Coverage
Both major Hispanic Television networks (Telemundo, Univision)
Local Television coverage from 11 markets
Local Radio coverage from 14 markets
25 Spanish Language Publications
Out-of-Home and Internet ads upon request
Transcripts - All Spanish language spots are available with copy translations.
Online Access - All Spanish advertising is accessible online via AdSight and AdSearch.
Commercial Copies - We offer a wide variety of traditional and digital formats, and all spots can be organized to your specifications.
VMS LaserBoards - Our digital storyboards put commercials on paper, available for either physical or digital delivery, and all boards are available in either Spanish or English PDF.