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America's best source for radio commercials.
Keeping track of competitive activity in radio would be next to impossible without us. VMS captures more radio commercials than any other source and delivers them quickly to your doorstep or desktop. Our regional centers throughout the US monitor commercials airing on more than 600 stations.
36 markets and 689 stations
800,000+ radio commercial library (1985 - present)
Spanish language spots tracked and translated
International ads available upon request
Online Access - Search, view, and order current and historical spots online via AdSight and Adsearch.
Commercial Copies - We offer a wide variety of traditional and digital formats, and all spots can be organized to your specifications.
Transcripts - Full transcripts are available for all radio spots. Spanish language transcripts are available both verbatim and in translated form.
Reporting - We can provide descriptive summaries of radio spots in any category.
Ad Alert - VMS can e-mail you anytime a new ad breaks that meets your specs.