AdAlert and Standing Orders
Automatic alerts and automatic ad retrieval for continuous competitive intelligence.
With VMS' AdAlert and Standing Order services, you get instant notification and/or acquisition of advertising content any time a specified ad or ad type is added to our database.
Monitor any market, competitor and category across print, television, radio, Internet and outdoor media.
Specify your competitive set and media mix. Whenever a new ad that matches your specifications is entered into our database, VMS alerts you by email or telephone.
Select which ads you want to purchase. AdAlert gives you the option to purchase the ads any delivery format.
The AdAlert service is also a standard feature of AdSight, VMS' customizable, online competitive intelligence center.
Standing Order Service
Get competitive advertisements delivered automatically in your choice of format.
As with AdAlert, simply specify which competitors or categories to monitor. When a new ad that matches your search criteria is entered into the VMS database, it is automatically ordered and delivered to you.
Standing Orders is also a standard feature of AdSight, as new specified ads are automatically saved into your AdSight account.
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