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Valuable, metrics-based Share of Discussion data across all media.
PRtrak's artificial intelligence (Ai) technology analyzes the impact of newspaper, magazine, radio, broadcast and Internet discussion coverage on your public relations performance in direct correlation to your competitors. Based on our state-of-the-art analysis software and prepared by our staff of editorial specialists, our Share of Discussion reports are the fastest and most economical way of measuring the effect of your PR efforts on business and market outcomes.

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How We Deliver Share of Discussion
All relevant news clips are gathered according to your specified parameters, including category, competitive set and time frame. PRtrak's linguistics-based AI system then produces an analysis of each story by isolating key message points and indexing slant and client prominence. Once each item has been tagged with these metrics, Share of Discussion™ can be computed within the scope of the report.
Expert analysts review all results and fine-tune the data, including graphical presentation, and oversee final presentation.
Finally, we correlate your Share of Discussion to outcome metrics that have been determined in advance (i.e., sales, survey results, etc.).
Proven-Effective Competitive Media Intelligence
PRtrak has conducted over 160 studies of the use of Share of Discussion - the quantity and quality of editorial coverage compared to competitors. In 97% of the cases and including the analysis of 10 million news clips, SoD was proven to correlate directly to product preference, sales closing ratios and market share.
The effectiveness of Share of Discussion has been shown across industries, including pharmaceutical, consumer package goods, financial services, retail, business-to-business, and many others.