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The premier desktop solution for metrics-based media monitoring.
PRtrak Web is an easy-to-use media analysis and public relations tool that enables you to quantitatively assess your corporate communications performance, right from your desktop. PRtrak Web provides reliable metrics that let you demonstrate the efficacy of your corporate communications efforts vis a vis your business objectives and your competitors - easily and efficiently.

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Actionable, Metrics-Based Intelligence
Evaluate broadcast, print and Internet coverage with industry-standard audience impressions and media valuations.
Utilize our exclusive Media Prominence Index (MPI), a research-tested metric that combines slant and prominence (of client in story) with market-driven space/time costs. Tested on more than 200,000 clips and against business outcomes, the MPI™ is the most accurate metric available today for correlating competitive media coverage with business outcomes.
Demonstrate the efficacy of your corporate communications with easy-to-read, customizable reports that you can edit and distribute efficiently, online.
PRtrak Web Metrics
Broadcast Gross Impressions (Audience 18+, AQH, in half-hour increments)
Print circulation
Internet daily average visits for the top 30,000 Web sites
Media values based on negotiated cost benchmarks from SQAD
Content analysis - slant, prominence, message-point conveyance or other user-defined options
Variable multipliers - for readership or credibility factors
Customizable reports